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Shopping in Tokyo

I will be in Tokyo during Golden Week. From what I have read, Tokyo empties out a bit during Golden Week as people head out to the more rural tourist areas. So Tokyo retail stores have some good sales that week. Since my lady-friend cannot accompany me on this trip, I would like to bring back a nice piece of Japanese style jewelry for her. Something in the range of $100 to $200. I prefer it to be something actually made in Japan, rather than made in China and sold in Japan. Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to shop for something like that?

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For many years, while travelling to Tokyo on business, one of my favorite places to buy Japanese gifts was a store called Oriental Bazaar in the Harajuku/Omotesando area. Although I don't recall seeing jewelry there, there were plenty of Japanese-made arts and crafts items, textiles, etc. Have a look at their website (below) to see if there is anything of interest.

As you may know, Japan is not an inexpensive shopping destination, however, if I wanted to look at jewelry, I'd probably check out stores in the Ginza area of Tokyo - Mikimoto, Wako, and some of the famous department stores. The Mikimoto shop is famous for expensive pearl jewelry, however, years ago, they did have some "souvenir-type" items with one small pearl that were affordable.

My favourite items to bring home were the beautiful wood Kokeshi dolls and gift-packaged Japanese biscuits (Food Floor in department stores).

Maybe someone who has been there recently will have some other suggestions for you.

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We loved Japan, but after visiting the Ginza area, shopping was a non-starter.

BRING PLENTY OF MONEY it ain't cheap.

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We stayed in the Food Halls in the department stores, a better way to spend your money.
Will you travel to other cities in Japan too?