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Shipping girl scout cookies to India

I would like to send my associate some Girl Scout cookies as he lives in Delhi and they are not available outside of the USA. Are there any particular restrictions I should be aware of when shipping cookies to India? Thanks.

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If this is a legitimate question, I suggest asking the post office. It definitely isn’t travel related.

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The International Mail Manual, which may be available in electronic form on the USPS website, may have information about goods forbidden in shipments. A postal clerk could probably look up the information on his or her computer terminal.

I think you're going to find the cost to be exorbitant. Since you're dealing with commercial cookies, rather than homemade, they should still be edible upon arrival (I hope).

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Your associate may owe an exorbitant amount of customs taxes on the cookies.

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And while they may well arrive, they may not be in great condition when they do (maybe more like "Girl Scout cookie crumbs").

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I live in India and would not recommend sending cookies, or anything else. If it arrives at all, it will certainly be opened, things removed, and you'll pay double the value in Customs fees before they let you have it. Even my Rick Steves Tour kit of a travel book and money belt never arrived. My sister sent a small package of sweets from California and it was opened and some sweets removed and even then, i had to pay $200 in customs fees before it was released to me. Never again! Better to send gifts with someone visiting India in person.