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Seeking reviews of bus tours of Iceland

My husband and I plan a 6 day stopover in Iceland in July or September (still trying to decide whether to do going or coming from another destination). We don't want to drive, but do want to see the country's highlights. I've never done a bus tour and hesitate to join a huge one. I'd like to know any experiences others may have had, positive and negative, on a multi-day (4 day) bus tour. Where did you go, were you happy with accommodations, would you recommend to others? Thanks.

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I only did multiple day tours (about 5 or so) to different parts of Iceland through Reykjavik Excursions, using Reykjavik as the base (I had my hotel arranged on my own). I had a great experience, but it was a bit pricey like everything else in Iceland. During one excursion (I couldn't spell the place in Icelandic but it was to the southwest), I was literally the only one so it was like a private tour in a small van (not a bus). I don't think that's possible now...Iceland has gotten very, very well-known since I've been there.

There are many outfitters you can choose from although some "popular" tours (Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon) overlap across all of them. If you choose something less popular, you may end up having the same experience I did. My hotel was very basic (like a dorm room but still cost a fortune - not a great value at over $200/night). I don't regret going to Iceland though, it was really fun (I ended up returning a few years later). I don't think you can go wrong with any tour, it's just a matter of how many people you want to share the experience with. That varies with the trip destination - some are oversubscribed and others are not. The Icelandic people are extremely professional, nice, and speak English almost perfectly...the tourist infrastructure is excellent.