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Seeing Miami Beach on a Budget in October 2019 TEN TIPS

Hi just got back to ILLINOIS from South Miami Beach and I wanted to share some ideas for budget solo travel.
1. Use the cheap shuttle bus transport from MIAMI airport. $1.10 for a senior ticket or under $2.50 other wise. It dropped me off a block or so from my hostel.
2. FREEHAND Miami hostel was a great choice in Mid beach area. I felt comfortable as a senior solo traveler in a 4 bunk female dorm for around $22 per night with a light breakfast/ use of a pool/ garden area for reading/ a popular bar on the grounds. It was 1 block to public transport either bus or FREE trolley.
3. Only 1-2 blocks to a small grocery store and a local Cuban café.
4. Three blocks to the beach and beach boardwalk. The hostel loans out beach chairs/umbrellas :) Take plenty of drinks and snacks since very few places to buy stuff ON the beach around 28th street.
5. Cheap eats: Sandwichierie near 14th and the beach/ fast to go service/ large roast beef for around $10 big enough to share
6. Pizza Rustica in the popular Lincoln Road touristy area $11 for side salad+ cold soda and a generous size personal pizza with a myriad of toppings as options/ great service
7. In October temps in the 80-90's and very humid.
8. Holocaust Memorial is free and thought provoking
9. Viscaya home + gardens in Miami is a wonderful place to visit IF you can use LYFT or UBER / complicated by public transport
10. The Art Deco TI office is super helpful.

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You might want to post your comments on a site that relates to the US and/or Miami as this site is mainly for European travel.

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I think it's perfectly fine to post here in the Beyond Europe section - that's what it's for! Miami is quite a difficult place to see on a budget, so I appreciate these tips and the effort the OP took to find and post them. I've read about that hostel in the NYT, I believe - it certainly looks great. It has private rooms as well, but they are not inexpensive with taxes/fees included (but anything below $200 is still competitive in Miami Beach, so it's all relative).

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OH Charlie I assumed this would be a good place to post tips since I have seen other postings re: USA destinations. I agree AGNES Miami Beach is not easy to visit on a budget but it can be done. The 4 bed female dorm was clean and convenient with nice fluffy bath towels, crisp white sheets and a light weight blanket. I had an outlet right by my bed and a small lamp. PLUS there was a privacy curtain between bunks. Shower was great as well.

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i think posting this in Tripadvisor Miami forum will better.