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Savannah and then ??

I am hoping to be in Savannah in February for a conference and am wondering about where to go afterwards for a few days. February doesn’t seem like the most ideal time to visit that part of the world, but have to make it work.

I am thinking to give Savannah 3 days at most (still reading up on what to see and do there) and then either head to Charleston or Atlanta for another 3-4 days.

Can anyone here tell me whether Charleston is very similar to Savannah? We were only there once for a few hours while visiting Myrtle Beach.

I can’t imagine that the coastal areas, like Hilton Head, would have much going on at that time of year.

Thanks for any feedback.

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I have been to both cities multiple times and they are very different. Hands down I would take Charleston over Atlanta-my daughter lives in Atlanta so have also been there. Between the two is Beaufort which is a lovely but smaller town you might also consider visiting, at least on the way.

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Agree, Charleston over Atlanta. We’ve been to all 3 cities, numerous times, and Atlanta is very low down my list of places to recommend.

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I third those recommendations. Charleston> Atlanta. Also, you might be suprised how nice the weather is in February. I grew up in South GA and now live in Atlanta. We have generally mild, sunny winters. There will probably be blooming trees and daffodils when you're there. In fact, it can be so brutally hot and humid in Savannah & Charleston that I would go so far as to recommend going in February.

If you want a little bit of beach time while you're in Savannah, you could drive out to Tybee Island. Tybee is kind of an old-school beach town. There will surely be some mom-and-pop open for lunch after a walk on the beach.

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Charleston is much better than Savannah(and I grew up In GA and was a Girl Scout). There is such a variety of things to do in Charleston and it has the best food of anywhere I have ever been. I've been going to Charleston off and on for 40 years and still have a bucket list of places to visit. Of course, I'm prejudiced! However, don't assume it will be warm(by my admittedly Southern definition of that word). Its highs are usually about the same as Birmingham's but the lows are usually 5 degrees warmer. Atlanta should not even be an option for you. I agree that you should visit Beaufort if you drive to Charleston from Savannah.

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We live on St. Simons Island, about 80 miles south of Savannah. Jeykll Island is the next island south of us.
Both are worth a visit, but I would say Charleston is your best option after Savannah. Atlanta is over 300 miles from Savannah, Charleston is much closer.

February is not beach weather, except for perhaps walking. If you like seafood, especially shrimp, there are plenty of restaurants serving fresh local shrimp.

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I would definitely stop over in Beaufort on the way to Charleston, as Cala said.

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I agree that you should visit Charleston, but I don't say it's "much better than Savannah." I loved Savannah's squares.

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We enjoyed a week split between Charleston and Savannah with a stop in Beaufort. Both cities have a lot to see and are great for walking.

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Thank you all very much. Seems Charleston is in and Atlanta is out.

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Definitely see Charleston after Savannah! They are very different. We enjoyed visiting both but we fell in love with Savannah. Mind you, there are more activities and sights in Charleston that will keep you plenty busy, but Savannah has a wonderful, laid-back ambience and is a beautiful city with its squares. We loved ambling through the town and found it a very relaxing place to be. Of course, we had only 4 days in Charleston and we spent 10 days in Savannah. And we didn’t get bored once!

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I had the opportunity to spend some time in Charleston this spring and absolutely loved it. I've been to all three cities as well, and agree with the consensus above. I just wanted to add, that when you go to Charleston, please try to get to Miller's All Day for breakfast at least once. My friends have still not stopped talking about it being the best breakfast they ever had. Really worth the trip!