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Santa fe

Looking to find new and different things to do in Santa Fe!

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We love Santa Fe. It's our favorite small American city. As you're asking about new things to do, I assume you've been there before? What have you already done, and what sorts of things are you interested in? Who is traveling? You and ____? When are you planning on going?

As you've also asked about Las Vegas (New Mexico, not Nevada) in another thread, I can assume you'll have a car? As a poster to that thread said, recent wildfires came very close to LV and I've no idea what the situation currently is. We were through there last fall, and the historic center of town, around the plaza, was all torn up with some sort of road construction so we didn't spend any time there.

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thanks so much for the info!! Yes, I have been to Santa Fe numerous time and always in search of a new adventure...since the planets are going to be in alignment when I am there June 24, I am in particularly look for dark spots to view and anything different to do particularly outdoors! I live in Texas where it is just boiling right now and looking forward to some relief from our 100 degree plus weather!! yes, headed to Las Vegas, NM to see the plaza where Longmire was filmed as well as check out the Castaneda Hotel which is the sister hotel to La Posada in Winslow, AZ!! I will be traveling from Albuquerque by car and it is my husband and myself only!! No kiddos...just two old people celebrating 51st anniversary (old people who love to walk, I might add!)

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1.) The La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs.
2.) Drive 1/2 hour or so to Allan Houser Sculpture Garden.
3.) Have BBQ at Cowgirl
4.) Visit Ethyl the Whale at the Santa Fe Community College
5.) Drive to and walk around Pecos National Park
6.) If you haven’t done before, visit the Museum of Indian Art and Culture
7.) Have breakfast at Tia Sophia’s
8.) See what production is at the unique opera house
9.) Diner at La Casa Sena
10.) If there on a Sunday Enjoy the Railway Artisan Market

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Claudia has some good suggestions.

Just like 10,000 Waves has been around for 40+ years so isn't new (we're not spa people so haven't done it) have you done the Tsankawi unit of Bandelier National Monument? While not "new" either, it's really interesting and wouldn't be that difficult for you to explore.

You've done all the museums on Museum Hill? While that might sound like a dumb question, I'm always surprised at the amount of SF visitors who haven't made it beyond the plaza.

Even if you haven done them, exhibits can be new since last you were there. They change at the Palace of the Governors and New Mexico History Museum as well.

Editing to add: Happy 51st Anniversary! What a great achievement!
Oh, and we binge watched Longmire! Sure wish they'd bring it back with Cady as Sheriff, and Dad's return to lend a hand, eh? Great to see Zahn McClarnon (Mathias) in another tribal police role in the new "Dark Winds." :O)

Del Charro has killer green chile chowder. We've enjoyed WAY too many of their margaritas (where else do they give you the entire shaker??!!) too. Nope, not new either but still a winner.

We've not yet done the Poeh Museum and Cultural Center in Pojoaque yet but intend to on our next revisit of Chimayo, Las Trampas, Rancho de Taos, etc. I have thing for old New Mexican churches, and have taken WAY too many shots of them, even the same ones over and over again. Ooof.

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If Pueblo Indian arts appeal to you, the Millicent Rogers museum in Taos has a fine collection.

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A little hard to provide recommendations as you have been there before numerous times, but I'll add a few more to the above list.

Quite new is the rail excursion train from the Santa Fe depot to Lamy. George RR Martin is an investor and you'll notice the locomotives and some of the passenger cars have a dragon/GOT theme. They offer different types of excursions, including an evening cocktail run.

Also in Lamy, the Legal Tender has reopened. If you have never been, the bar is pretty historic and fantastic. The same owner and restaurateur that is operating the Castaneda is doing the Legal Tender, so you can expect high quality.

Las Vegas was thankfully spared the fire and I think things are getting back to some normalcy there in town. But it is still a central point for fire crews and some places might not be open or still only serving crews and those fleeing the fires. If the Castaneda is open again (it was closed to the public to serve only fire crews), it is well worth the visit and to dine or have a drink at the bar. The restoration work is fantastic.

The plaza in Las Vegas is always worth a visit. If you haven't been in the Plaza Hotel since its recent refurbishment (same owner as Castaneda), check it out. There is a full service restaurant and a bar.

The Pecos ruins are worth a stop if you haven't been. Fort Union just a little further beyond Las Vegas is also worth a visit.

Depending on the last time you visited Santa Fe, the Railyard area may be a surprise. There are quite a few new restaurants and galleries in the area. The Contemporary Art Museum is still under construction, but there are lots of other things to see and do in the district.