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San Francisco March 2,3, & 4

Thanks for the info on Sonoma

I was wondering if I should cancel my trip to San francisco all together, becuase of bad weather. I don't mind 1mm or 2 but don't feel like sending the time and money on flight and all, if it is awful weather.

Any advice?

Thanks Maria

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No guarantees, but Weather Underground says the rain in SF is only through midday Sunday 3/3, and only 0.04" March 2 and 0.01" March 3, with some sun on Monday. I wouldn't call that awful weather, but it is certainly not sunny and warm (not that SF ever is :-) ).
It doesn't look like the storms with flooding that we have been having. That said, I haven't heard a forecast – just relying on the weather report online. Friday 3/1 does have a forecast of a half-inch of rain, and Tues. 3/5 has 0.64" rain forecast. Perhaps you've timed it perfectly? Delays at the airport may also be a consideration, but then that is always true with the fog and wind at SFO any time of the year.

If there is a penalty to canceling, if it were me, I would still come, b/c the weather looks typical for March – some rain, some sun.

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Maria, where will you be coming from?

As i said in your other thread, there is no significant rain like we’ve had recently in the forecast, but it could rain... or not. SF is very often sunny and warm but even though it won’t be warm this Sat-Mon, it might be sunny like it was today. Even if it isn’t, SF is a lot of fun.

Based on your two threads, i’d recommend waiting to visit until May.

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You were asking where I am coming from? Montreal, Canada. Doesn't really make a difference.

Unfortunately, I can't take the time to go in May since I work in a school.

If you all seem to think it will just rain a bit everyday, I think we will come. So undecided.

We were there last year in March and it rained a little everyday. This year it seems to be major rain.

Thank You so much for the info.

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I asked where you’re coming from for a couple reasons... the distance is a factor in how worthwhile it would be if it rains. If you’re driving a few hours to get here, it’s worth it. A long flight from Montreal, not worth it if it rains, in my opinion. Also wondered if you come from a warm, sunny area like San Diego, or a rainy area in which case light rain here wouldn’t be a big deal. To me, these factors are important in weighing the pros and cons. You asked for opinions, and this info affects my opinion.

None of us knows if we’ll have light rain, intense rain, or no rain at all. Today it was no rain, blue skies and very sunny. Personally, i’d wait til you can be sure of good weather.
But if you do decide to come, i hope you have a good time... : )

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Weather forecast on local tv News tonight at 10:50 pm...
Scattered showers Sat morning, sunny the rest of the day
Sunday early morning possible showers, sunny the rest of the day
60 degrees during the day.

Hope this helps.

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Thank You very much.

Well, it doesn't look bad for Sunday, Monday, but not so nice Tuesday.

I think we will chance it and hope it is just a little rain.

Have a great week-end

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I feel there is no more beautiful city than San Francisco when the sun comes out after the rain. Deep blue sky with puffy white clouds, the bay, Golden Gate Bridge. . . I was there visiting grandchildren a few weeks back, on the tail end of a major storm. It rained lightly the day I arrived and the next, but then the sun came out and I spent the day walking up hills for the wonderful views.

I hope you have a similar experience!