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Safe for a woman to travel to Jerusalem alone?

Hi Rick Steves friends, I'm planning a trip to Jerusalem next year. I'm a woman and I prefer to travel alone, but given the state of things in Israel, I'm not sure if that's a good idea for this trip. Any advice? Would I be ok if I brought a friend, or do I need to make sure I have a local guide or join a tour group? Thanks in advance!

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The current situation is quite safe, in spite of isolated incidents that get wide press coverage. Bear in mind that anything to do with Israel makes international news. No one can know when terrorism will flare up, but unlike Egypt, for instance, tourists have not and are not targets.

It's very easy to travel alone in Israel.

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Trip Advisor has a good, active forum for Israel with several tour guides as contributors if you want to keep tabs on the situation or get more information. Their advice has been in line with Chani's above.

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A close friend of mine just spent 14 days in Jerusalem. Her boyfriend was there for work so she was by herself most of the time during the day, sightseeing and taking trains to nearby towns to visit historical places. She is in her mid-40s and had no problems whatsoever! She loved it and found lots of friendly people!