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RS-like Tours in Places Rick Doesn't Go

Good Morning. There has been a packing thread the last few days on which several folks mentioned tours by Sarah Murdoch. An easy google search will find her. It seems Sarah is working for has worked with RS.

Her website describes her tours this way:

Our concept is to provide the same reliable quality of a Rick Steves
tour in places that Rick doesn’t go–Asia, Africa, South America. While
the format is what we’ve learned from Rick, these tours are a little
more edgy, perfect for anyone ready to find real adventure.

The packing thread was the first time I heard of Sarah and her tours, so I cannot provide any additional info. However, often, this forum gets requests about RS-like tours in places other than Europe. Maybe this will be helpful. Thank you to the posters on the other thread for sharing this info.

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Good to know - thanks! As for her tours being more “edgy,” I wonder if that’s because of how they run their tours, or that the destinations are simply “edgier” than developed Europe.

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Cyn, I think you're right-the destinations. Also, Debbie, check into Imprint Tours. Run by Reid Coen with Sarah Murdoch collaborating. Reid is also a longtime Rick Steves guide. The tours have itineraries in places Rick doesn't.

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They have some interesting tours; however if you are not close to picking one I suggest you don’t give them your email address because they send way too many emails. IMO. It seemed like daily emails to me...

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Darn, too late. My plans at the moment are pretty standard (love the Alps), though I must say their northern Italy/Slovenia tour looked interesting. I will probably add this to my library of slow travel providers. Something to look at over lunch at work :-)

Now, if anyone here knows of a good tour provider for Katmai National Park in Alaska that does not require me to become a fairly accomplished photographer complete with equipment or avid fisher(wo)man, pls let me know. I don't usually like to think of bucket lists, but gee, seeing the bears is number 1.

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Do you need bears AND salmon? If not check out Khutzeymateen Lodge in B C. You can fly direct from Vancouver then they fly you to the lodge.

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Debbie, if you have lots of $$$, Natural Habitat Adventures does Katmai and not just for photographers.