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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I'm starting to plan a trip to Cleveland to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with a day trip to Canton for the Pro Football Hall of Fame - probably in September.

I'm looking for suggestions for Cleveland hotels and restaurants close to the R&RHoF. I acknowledge that I will be missing the other sights of Cleveland, but this trip will be a short one and "purpose-driven". I am doing my own research, but I'm looking here for guidance from people with first-hand knowledge of that small part of the planet.


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I second the restaurant suggestion above. One of my all time favorites!

We stay at the Glidden House when in Cleveland. Not necessarily close to R&Roll Hall of Fame, but in an area called University Circle with the Art Museum, nature museum, and botanic garden dome. I've stayed there regularly for almost 20 years, most recently last summer. Walkable to the above restaurant.

Cleveland is easy to drive in. I have visited Rock 'n Roll while staying at Glidden House.

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There really isn’t anything close to the HOF.

I’m from the Cleveland area and was there recently. My ideas are seeing parts of Cleveland many don’t see or experience but are on your flight path.

There are many hotels near the airport and many offer shuttles to the airport and will take you to the car rental center too. Moxy is where we like to stay if we can’t stay with fam. We drop the car off the night before due to early flights back to the west. You are also close to all the freeways. It’s easy to get around Cleveland, it’s not LA.

The west side market opens early and is a great place to buy food, much of it ethnic based. All sorts of stuff can be had, and across the street there are fun coffee places. You can hit the market before the HOF.

If you have time. After the R&R HOF, you can head to little Italy on the east side. Nice authentic Italian restaurants. Many have been in biz forever. There is Lakeview cemetery where you can see the grave of Alan Freed (which is a granite jukebox) and if open, the Tiffany designed Wade Chapel. President Garfield is buried there and it’s a very impressive building. It was closed due to renovations, but maybe open now. Drive back to West side if you stay near the airport. 45 minutes.

Canton will be about a 90 minute drive. You will love the Football HOF. I’m not into football but enjoy visiting the HOF.

Again, if you stay on the west side, driving back from Canton, you can hit Whiteys in Richfield. Excellent burgers and chilli. Bring cash, last time I was there they were still cash only. The burgers, brews, and booze won’t disappoint.

Have fun!

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The hilton downtown in cleveland is close to the rock hall. Fine place. Probably where the rock stars stay for events. Also on public square is the renaissance hotel. There are many restaurants downtown-- e.g., Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar. These are walking distance. Close but a bit father are places on west 25th-- close to the westside market. Also a bit further are places by playhouse square.

Case-western / university circle area is very nice but father away-- you'll need a cab or a car. By Case is little Italy-- a couple choices there. If you have a car, chagrin falls has a couple nice choices too.

Have a good time!

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Little Italy is walkable from Glidden House in University Circle. As noted above, great restaurant choices there!

I second West-side Market if you have a car. Best marketplace I’ve found on multiple continents. Can be a short stop.

Also seconding Lakeside cemetery which is also close to University Circle and worth a short stop if time allows.

I have stayed in downtown also on business. Much prefer University Circle, but you will find a car helpful from there to get around.

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I really appreciate all of these very helpful responses. It sounds like our trip would be more enjoyable if we stayed by the University.

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In university circle area the B school has a Frank Gehry building (of Bilbao fame). The setting is too small so it doesn't show as well but still worth a gander. Severance Hall is home the Cleveland Orchestra. The Cleveland museums are mostly in this area-- art, natural history, Crawford auto etc. Really pretty good stuff. Also there is a tiny tucked away little museum on Mayfield rd (that's the street to enter little Italy) and Euclid (old millionaire's row) is the Cozad-Bates house with a neat tiny little museum on the Underground Railroad.

Cleveland metro parks are outstanding-- emerald necklace. Huge old growth hardwoods especially towards squire's castle and Chapin state forest.


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I’ve stayed at the Westin and the Aloft. Neither are exactly right there but not much is right at the RRHoF.

Again, there’s not a lot of great restaurants that aren’t crazy overpriced or pretty mediocre in that small area, IMO. There are a lot of expense account steak places and variations on the sports bar theme.

Barrio is solid for tacos and there’s a really great little deli near the casino. Honestly, I’d absolutely drive down Euclid and hit LJ Shanghai for the best XLB I’ve ever eaten along with fantastic spicy pork soup. It should have a Michelin star ;)

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I'm a Clevelander. My husband was a docent at the Rock Hall for many years. If you're here for the Rock Hall, stay at the Hilton or Westin. Both are within walking distance. I like L'Albatross, too, but there are plenty of closer restaurants. I love University Circle, but if you're not going to Severance for the Orchestra or to the Art Museum, there's no reason to stay there.

The Hilton/Westin area is within walking distance to many restaurants. We like Fahrenheit and Mabel's and Cordelia's. . LJ Shanghai is a close drive east. Hingetown is long walk (30 minutes?) or short drive west (under 5 minutes). Amba is a very good "Indian inspired" restaurant and I hear there's a new fancy middle eastern place nearby. Other restaurants, too. Ohio City is near HIngetown and has lots of more "bar" places to eat. So does the Warehouse district and the Flats, but nothing special food wise. Lots of young people partying it up in the Flats and Warehouse district so we don't go there much anymore.

Have a great time at the Rock Hall! Many people come here for the FHF Rock Hall combo.