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Renting a car in Inceland

My husband and I are leaving next week for Europe via Iceland. We have decided to rent a car to drive the Golden Circle rather than taking a tour bus as we had previously considered. We will be taking the Fly Bus to and from the Keflavik airport and will only need the car for one day. Has anyone had a recent experience renting a car in Iceland? Do you know if their is a rental agency in Reykjavik, rather than the airport?

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Hi Donna, I rented a car in Iceland last month - we rented from Dollar at the airport, but I know they have a location in Reykjavik as well. I had originally booked a SUV through AAA, but when we arrived, all they had was a tiny Ford Focus. We took that with a little trepidation, but it ended up being just fine. The paved roads in Iceland are in good shape. If you're just driving the Golden Circle, and not planning on going off the paved roads, you'll be fine with a small car. And gas cost us about $12.50 per gallon, so you'll appreciate the fuel economy! Gas is priced by the liter - when we were there, it was running about $2.50 a liter. Many of the gas stations have a pay at the pump feature, that works a little differently from those in the US. You put your card in and preauthorize for a set amount of money. We were nervous about authorizing for too much, but it only charges you for what you actually use. So if you authorize for 10,000 Krona (which is about $100), and only get 8600 Krona worth of gas, it will only charge your card the 8600. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!