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Re-booked my Costa Rica trip

Well, since my companion cert on Alaska Airlines was expiring, I re-booked the Costa Rica trip with granddaughter for mid August 2021. It just felt good to have the trip back on the books and to be planning again. Hopeful for a vaccine before February-March. So, you all will be seeing postings in the summer wherein I will ask a bunch of questions. Positive thoughts y’all.


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Linda, I don't know where you are in the pecking order for the vaccine, but August seems reasonable for a trip. Anything earlier than July would be a concern.

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Yes, please elaborate on Manuel Antonio without links because I am super cautious about accessing links from persons I don’t know. Thanks

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Manuel Antonio is great! If you visit the national park - and you certainly should - I'd recommend hiring a private naturalist guide. They'll help you spot wildlife you'd never see on your own. When we spent a couple hours in the park with our guide, we were stopping to look at animals in the trees and undergrowth that visitors without guides had been oblivious to and walked by entirely.