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Question re Page, AZ - can you see Lake Powell if boat tours not running?

We are planning to stop in Page, AZ on a trip in September. One of the main things I wanted to do on this trip was a boat tour on Lake Powell. In normal times they run daily (choice of 1.5 h and 3 h tours). Well it looks like at present they only run one day a week - and that's not the day we will be there. We can't afford a private tour or to rent a boat. So my question - are there places from land where you can get good views of the lake? What can you see from the Wahweap Marina? It apparently costs $30 to enter the marina and it's not clear why that is. From the website it looks like there are a few restaurants and shops (some closed) and of course boat launching.

I've been to Page twice before and done Antelope Canyon (amazing!!!!) and Horse shoe Bend (also wonderful). Neither time did we have time for the lake so that's why I planned this stop. We will be coming from Moab and heading to Flagstaff. So does it sound like it's worth stopping this year?

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It apparently costs $30 to enter the marina and it's not clear why
that is.

Isabel, that's because it's within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Map of the park area here; you can see the entrance stations which collect fees/check passes:

Might you have either an annual America The Beautiful park pass or lifetime Senior Pass? Is so, either would work to get you closer to the lake. We used an annual pass as we were visiting quite a number of other parks when we did the Page region. As horsewoofie said, water levels are reported as being really low right now.

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Thanks, I do have a National Park Pass, so that's good to know.

So upon more research I found the following ways to see Lake Powell. Wondering if anyone has any experience with any of the following.

Ways to see Lake Powell

1) Boat Tour – ‘Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas’ When you google this is what come up (first 5 things listed). Pre pandemic they had 1.5 hour ($50) and 3 hour ($78) daily through October but now only seem to have one day a week

Boat Tour ‘Antelope Canyon Boat Tours’ – Website just says “unavailable”, I think this company is Navaho

Another company Ceetiz, does seem to have 1.5h ($52) boat tours, daily through September 2021. They also leave from Wahweap Marina. They seem to be an international company that has tours to places like New York City, Lisbon, Vienna, Niagra Falls – so obviously not ‘local’. Only reviews I can find are in French but they are very good.

2) Rent your own kayak, canoe, power boat, etc.

3) See it from land at Wahweap Overlook, Rt 89 (free) – or Lakeshore Drive or the Wahweap Marina (pay $30 unless you have a national parks pass). View look to be “OK” but not amazing as they are from the water.

4) Go to Alstrom Point. Amazing View! But its 32 miles from Page, 25 of these miles on a dirt road, the last two you either need a 4x4 high clearance vehicle and an experienced off road driver – or you can hike the last two miles (4 mile RT).

If you don’t have those you can go with a tour – about $150 per person for a 4.5 hour tour (includes driver and vehicle from Page, can book on-line, through September).

5) Airplane - American Aviation Page/Lake Powell ( $175 for 45 min tour, private, all window seats

Airplane - $120 for half hour tour, 17 seats, 14 of which have their own window

6) Helicopter tours - Lake Powell and Alstrom Point Helicopter Adventure $249 per person, 20 minutes

I'd really like to hear if anyone has gone to Alstrom Point, or has gone on an airplane tour, or who has used (or even heard of)


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Boat Tour ‘Antelope Canyon Boat Tours’ – Website just says
“unavailable”, I think this company is Navaho

Isabel, according to the website ( this tour departs from Antelope Point Marina, on Navajo Nation land bordering Glen Canyon Rec. area. While this tour has been COVID suspended for the time being, the website does mention the availability of a charter. I'm sure it's probably a bit pricey but, well, it might be an option?

I'd also just keep an eye on the tour as things could change further into the summer. The water level thing is really concerning, though.

Editing to add: I've seen your post on Fodor's wondering why the lake level would make a difference to a tourist? It's only June, the lake has dropped at least 44 feet since last year, and this is the dry season. Part of the visual attraction of the lake is the juxtaposition of blue water against the colored rock, If that contrast has been severely reduced, well, there's your answer. Also, If the water level drops too low, not all of tourist boats will be able to launch.

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I live in Arizona and wouldn’t go out of my way to see Lake Powell.