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Qatar (Doha) to Bahrain -- How??

How do you travel from Doha to Bahrain.
I'll be in Doha for about 6days in February 2018 and I thought it would be interesting to do a day trip (maybe 2day trip) to Bahrain.

However I can't find an economical way of doing this.
I hear a Ferry was supposed to open up in 2017 but can't find if it's been completed yet.
I checked flights but they seem pricy for the short distance
I checked traveling by car but, as a US citizen, I don't know if I'm "allowed" to do that.

Any suggestions?

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Interesting? Well, depends on your interests. Several major airline search sites show no direct connections (but there are one-stops, as you know). This is suspicious, considering the amount of air travel in the region. Google Maps shows the highway connection requires going through Saudi Arabia. Given the strained relations between Qatar and the Saudis right now, that's a fraught possibility. Please report back if you find a way to do this.

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Looks like flying may the best approach, but it takes much time and with one stop that is out of the way.

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Bahraini/Qatari relations are not good at the moment and last summer Qatari diplomats were ordered to leave Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and Qatar Airways were banned from flying within the airspace of those countries. Therefore it does not surprise me that you cannot find flights between Qatar and Bahrain.

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I have been to Bahrain when I lived in Saudi Arabia. It was a place you could go where alcohol was served (not in Saudi). I wouldn't waste my time trying to go there, especially since the Gulf States have a kind of boycott on Qatar, claiming it has supported terrorists.