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Purchasing Secondary Travel Insurance


I am looking to purchase travel Medical insurance for a holiday to Australia from Cambodia. The package that I am looking at has secondary in brackets besides the premium. I do not have a primary insurance provider. Can I obtain this policy and will it be legally paid out if I have to make a claim.
All the information I have found on the internet states that secondary provider becomes the primary provider if there is no primary Provider, by default.
Any assistance to clarify this position would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I am aware of COB practises, I will not have 2 policies.

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If I were in your shoes I would ask the seller of the insurance. Somewhere in the Ts&Cs will be the answer, and the insurance company will know.

Anybody here will be guessing.

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I usually buy a policy from Travel Guard. It's pretty straight forward. I have filed three claims in the past without any problems. But I'm old enough to have Medicare which does not cover foreign travel, so there's no issue about primary or secondary insurances.
As Nigel said, it's best you call the company for clarification.

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Medical insurance for a holiday to Australia from Cambodia

Does this mean you are currently a resident of Cambodia? If so, this makes things very difficult for someone here to answer or make suggestions. Insurance is very local in its application and laws governing sales and what it covers.

Having stated that, I see no reason why a reputable insurance company would not pay out a valid claim. But only the insurance company will be able to answer that.