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Puerto Rico post-earthquakes

We have reservations for a trip to Puerto Rico in early to mid-February. I have asked for updates from some of the places we reserved and received some responses from the places we have reservations but not all. Does anyone have any current information/thoughts about conditions post January 7th? Have trip insurance that covers earthquakes, but if northern and eastern parts of the island are returning to "normal" could change some reservations to spend our tourist dollars there.

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As the poster above has said, the northern part of the island is relatively unharmed. It's the southern part by Ponce that was hardest hit. San Juan should be fine.

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The northern and Eastern parts were not affected, except the electric grid shutting automatically for a few hours. The southwest, Guanica and close by towns, is where the problems are. Which towns are you asking about, exactly? Ponce, the main city in the south, is not okay.

My DIL is from Guanica, but my son and family were up north near San Juan when the 6.4 and others hit. They felt it but there was no damage up north. Go, enjoy, support the economy.

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We have reservations in Ponce, likely will try to shift to an area less impacted. Any recommendations about where to next are welcome! Thanks for the updates.