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planning a trip to japan need some tips

so im planning a trip to see tokyo and also go to akihabara since i heard its very close to tokyo. now im a huge anime fan and i play alot of japanese games in general. what i want to know is what are some good sightseeing spots for a nerd like me? i guess akihabara has it all but my girlfriend is not interested in anime at all lol so she wants to visit beautiful gardens and beaches and temples and all that good stuff. where are some places u can see all that thats relatively close to akihabara?

didnt know where else to post this

much appreciated for all the help

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Go to Japan- for everything pertaining to Japan including anime.

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Akihabara is the "electronics retail district" in Tokyo - even if your girlfriend is not interested in anime, it is an interesting area to explore.

As far as I can recall, the Asakusa district in Tokyo is likely where you will find the closest shrine and temple, as well as interesting shopping and attractions. It is near the Sumida River and a fun area to explore. There are boat tours available. Don't miss the Asahi Beer headquarters - open to the public and good restaurants.

Here's an article about some of the many beautiful gardens in Tokyo.

I wouldn't say that Tokyo is known for its beaches (I've never been to any of them), but there are a few described here:

So much to see and do in Tokyo - suggest you start with a good travel guide book on Japan at the public library.