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Phuket Thailand

Is their any islands that you recommend to check out outside of phuket that you can go and stay at for a few days?

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Most people go to Koh Phi Phi...
I recommend not staying in the main town. It wasn't rebuilt well after the tsunami wiped it out a number of years back.
Take a longtail boat over to Long Beach and stay there. The beach is beautiful and you can catch longtails to other islands in the area for swimming and snorkeling. Phi Phi The Beach is a really nice place to stay there!

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There are a large number of islands, all with their own pros and cons. I suggest you start on and find out what rocks your boat.

I wasn't too thrilled with Koh Phi Phi myself. But at least stay a mile from the port to be able to sleep from the noise.

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Looks like we are staying in a luxury condo in Patong (my friend won this at an auction), so I appreciate your feedback on outer islands, not a busy city girl and want to really get away. Thanks again