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Photos from India - Where are these?

Folks -

Are any of you able to help?

Here are 4 pictures...where are they in India?

The building lit up at night I have no information about.

The man in front of the white building I believe is in Nagpur...looking for any more information people might have

The two colour photos are taken in Madras / Chennai (I believe)...but what building are they at?

Many thanks in advance.

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Believe the lit up building is the Corporation of Chennai / Greater Chennai Corporation. No idea about the others since there are no good markings to use to help identify them. With the two Gopuram photos, unfortunately the building itself appears to have been under renovations since the statues were covered with a protective material.

Edited - after taking another look, I think Tom_MN is right and it isn’t the building I thought.

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What happened to Tom_MN's post? I thought it was helpful.

Anyway, lights for Diwali seems to make sense.

With the B&W photo...I presume it is in 1950's.

And, it seems to be Chennai / Madras.

I think the 3rd picture is a temple in Chennai. It seems a bit similar to Kapaleeshwarar Temple like the structure but not excatly

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Thanks Nick! That's amazing!

I must say, I really, really appreciate all the help the people on the Rick Steves' site offer.

Many thanks!