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Phi Phi islands

Hey guys, I need your advice! I’m planning to propose my girlfriend on Phi Phi islands, which are situated near a popular resort Phuket in Thailand. If you know, they became famous in the whole world for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio. But, unfortunately, now there’s almost no free place in the laguna with turquoise and emerald water framed with white beach and gorgeous mountains, because thousands of tourists visit this paradise place every day. So I found a tour guide who will help me to tenant a boat and to go in search for sequestered beaches where bays seem to appear from pictures of touristic booklets and dawns impress exceptionally everybody with its magnificence. How do you think, is it a good idea or it’s better to save money and to make up something less expensive taking into account the fact that my budget is limited?

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Thailand is cheap, you can hire people without break your bank. there are a lot of small islands in the area, talk to tour operator to get more details. there are a lot of operators in Phuket town you can ask around, they know the boat/captain can connect you with somebody.

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If you are starting on Koh Phi Phi then there are plenty of longtail boats that you can hire to take you wherever you want. There are countless islands in the area with endless sugar sand white beaches and the boat owners know them all. We hired one from Long Beach (you take a longtail boat from the main town in Koh Phi Phi about 10 minutes south to get there) that took us to an off shore reef for scuba diving and to an island called Bamboo Island for a walk on a deserted beach where there was no one else except for a few fishermen living in shacks under the palm trees. One of the most beautiful places I've been to on this Earth! No matter where you go it won't cost you very much as these boats are still quite cheap to hire.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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It's a great idea! Make sure you take a hike up to the Phi Phi Viewpoint while you're there. Also, the underwater visibility makes for some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities!

Good luck! :)