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Paris to Morocco, then Morocco to Valencia flights March 2022

I'm concerned about how well these flights will work given Omicron/Covid and current border closures. Your thoughts and advice. Thank you!

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Ask again in March. Lots of things can change between now and then. There are no current border closures that I am aware of. The Omicron picture will be much clearer in a few weeks and months, but it’s just too early to say what will happen.

The oft repeated advice from those of us based in Europe is to keep things simple and to stick to one country at present. March is still winter and therefore there are likely to be more restrictions than in the summer.

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Here is the website of US Embassy in Morocco to see about flight access to/from that country. Flights to/from other countries are suspended through Dec 31. There are some exceptions for a few flights leaving Morocco back to US or Europe in that time frame. Of course that could change before March.

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Good luck but you have to be really patient.

I have a friend who lives in the UK and Morocco. She has spent a whole lot of time this year trying to go between the two and is usually stymied by the short windows that Morocco is open to anybody. Could go one way, could go another.