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Panama City, Panama, Toucamen Airport

We will be flying to Psnama next week. We'll be touring Panama City for 3 days, then taking an overland Jeep and boat to meet up with our charter to the San Blas Islands. We'll be on the sailboat for 6 days and we don't want to bring all of our luggage. Then we'll have 3 more days in Panama City. Our next stay will be in MX City.
Does Toucamen Airport have luggage storage? We'd have 1 suitcase to store. We are also staying at the AZ Hotel. Does the hotel have a room in which to lock up one's luggage for a week or less?I hope someone can give us some help!
Thanks! Joann Madson

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You need to access online info about the airport and the hotel to get your answers. Google "Toucan Airport luggage storage" or look on the airport website for services and same with hotel (or e-mail the hotel directly and ask)...I'm sure you're not the only one who asked this question. There are much better forums for Central America, like Thorntree and TripAdvisor. Also, I recommend that you delete your e-mail from your posting - this is an insecure website and you don't want to broadcast your e-mail to potential spammers. People can write you a private message - no need for e-mail.

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Based on what you describe, it would make more sense to store your luggage at the hotel especially if you are returning there for 3 more days. Just email the hotel and have them confirm that they can store it there.

By the way, taxis from the airport to town are v expensive - fixed rate of $50 i think. Going back to the airport we paid only $25.