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Packing for Chile in November

Hi, My family is planning a trip to Chile in November and we could use some advice on our packing list. We'll be starting our trip in San Pedro de Atacama and image we'll need lots of layers for cool desert mornings and warm afternoons. I'm imagining lightweight pants and a base layer with a fleece. How cold can we expect it to get during that time of year? Do we need gloves? Hats?

From there, we'll be heading to the Lake District and then on to Patagonia for some outdoor hiking and adventure. We'll be doing a lot of day hikes ranging from moderate to more intense terrain. From what I keep reading, you can experience all four seasons in a single day, which has me excited and a bit nervous, too! Do I need to pack waterproof hiking boots or can we get by with non-waterproof shoes? Again, I'm thinking layers but do I need to start in a wool hat and be prepared to strip down to a tank top and shorts? Obviously, we'll have backpacks but would prefer not to bring additional gear if it won't be necessary.

Any and all input is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Not a huge expert here, and my experience was in Feb-March rather than Nov, but here's my take.

Lake District should be temperate, not an extreme climate and definitely shorts weather by late November.
Patagonia basically never has shorts weather; you'll be fine keeping your hiking pants. And fleece etc. are a must, so are waterproof hiking boots really - the Chilean side is rainy!
Whatever fleece you take for Patagonia can be used in Atacama. San Pedro itself don't quite get to freezing at night in November, but some excursions take you to 4000 metres+, so you definitely need layers there.