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Onsen in Hakone/Mt Fuji area

Hello! Looking to travel to Japan for the first time next June and wanting to see (not climb) Mt. Fuji. What I was really hoping to do was stay at a rayukan that has an onsen. I've done some poking around, but it seems like reviews for places in the area are all over the place. Does anyone have any recommendations for rayukans with onsen? This would be for myself and my husband.

I was focused on the Hakone area because of the shrine, but a recommendation from someone on this forum holds a lot of weight, so am open to choosing another town in the Mt. Fuji area. Thank you!

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I think you are looking for a ryokan (not rayukan - although that may have been autocorrect trying to help). :) I can't recommend a specific one but have you also considered the actual Fuji/Mt. Fuji area? If a view of Mt. Fuji is important, that would be worth a thought - especially if you will have a car. I did a quick search and saw several I would probably love, although a bit pricey. The Lake Ashi area (for Hakone Jinja) is also beautiful and I am sure you would love that area, too.

A lot depends on how you plan to get around, how much time you have, how comfortable you are with Japanese traditions, etc. Some ryokans do incorporate some "Western" elements.

Remember that June is rainy season in Japan and views of Mt. Fuji are hard to come by in the rain. Also you can drive or take a bus to the 5th station - no climbing.

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Have you found a place to stay? I booked a ryokan stay through earlier this year.