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on cost for a flight to Thailand


I was wondering if anybody has an idea on how much a flight from Thailand costs from Los Angeles?

I will be leaving December 5th or 6th; sometime between there.

I looked already and a one way to Bangkok will cost over four grand.

These seems ridiculous.


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Right this moment Singapore Airlines ( is having a fare sale that covers that route, so you may want to check it out. They advertise their lowest economy fare as $650 LAX to Bangkok...hopefully you can get something in that ballpark. I put in a sample flight Dec 6 and returning Dec 20 and got $765, which is still a pretty competitive price (and on a well-regarded airline, no less).

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One-way international tickets on legacy carriers are usually exorbitant, aren't they? Is there no way you can do an open-jaw/multi-city flight--something like LA-Bangkok / Vientiane-LA??

If you are truly flying one-way (moving to Thailand, etc.), check out round-trip fares, planning to throw away the return ticket.

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On the Cathay Pacific website, I see one-way tickets LAX-BKK (layover in Hong Kong) on December 5 & 6 ranging from US$578 (Economy Core - cheapest) to US$1445 (Premium Economy Flex).

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How much does it cost to buy a mobile phone?
How much does it cost to buy a dinner?
How much does it cost to buy (insert anything)?

"It depends." It can cost anything.

You need to put in a little more effort to get a reasonable answer to your question.

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Well said David.

My son researched extensively and just bought a r/t ticket SFO-Bangkok yesterday through Priceline on China Airlines for 10/28-11/20 SFO>Taipei>Bangkok for $686.

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In a previous posting you indicated that you would be flying into Bangkok and out of Sydney as an open jaw. Why, then, are you looking at one-way fares?
Suggest looking at multi-destination flights on the various booking sites, assuming that you know where you want to go between Thailand and Australia, and put together an itinerary from there.

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You need to book an open jaw ticket.
If you show up in Bangkok with a one way ticket they will put you right back on a plane to LA!
You're right...$4,000 is way more than what you should be spending.

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Thanks for the advice.

What steps should I do to take that?

I am still figuring if I want to go to a few countries (i.e vietnam, malaysia), then to Australia.

To be honest, this feels over whelming. I usually stick to one spot, and fly out of same spot.

As always, thanks for the help.

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Most flight consolidators (Travelocity, Kayak, etc) have an option in small print that says "Multiple Destinations". It gives you the option of flying to more than one destination. For example, last summer I flew LA to Oslo, Oslo to Prague, Prague to Munich, Munich to LA. You'll get a much better price and will have a through-ticket that immigration will not question.

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Along with trying to master the intricacies of multi-destination routing, you might also take a look at and investigate their Circle Pacific fares. For itineraries of 4-5 legs or more I found it to be a cost-effective alternative to multi-destination bookings back in the days when I had to travel around Asia for a living.
Briefly, the fare allows between 3 and 15 stopovers along a generally circular route connecting North America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and then returning to your starting point. The website has detailed information regarding participating carriers, the rules involved in booking the fare, associated costs and has a phone number for a helpful agent who can answer questions and generally help you thru the process...something that might be of particular benefit to you.
Alternatively, you might be better off selecting one destination from your list, flying there on a RT ticket, and doing whatever side trips you decide to do on regional low cost carriers. Combining Thailand and Australia is probably just too hard ... not to mention too expensive at this late date.