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Oman - Muscat, any first hand experience???

Here's the question.

The spouse is heading to UAE for a short work trip in late December.
We've both been there (last year the same time) and I'm not sure I want to spend the money to go back so quickly. HOWEVER we could go to Oman, Muscat for a short 4day vacation. The flight price is "sorta" acceptable.

I'm researching the area now - but want to know what others think of the place --- I've heard it's expensive? What would you recommend I do while I'm there?


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Anthony Bourdain has a great episode on Oman you should look up. No personal experience on my part though.

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Been there but it has been over 10 years. Definitely a worthwhile place to go. Lots to see including forts in the desert and oases to visit. Muscat is a nice, scenic city.

It is an easy drive from Abu Dhabi or Dubai via Alain and some of the desert forts - so I would consider renting a car. Get a guidebook and check out some of the sites and then decide which route you want to take.

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Oman is nowhere near as petroleum-rich as the Emirates so it is common in Muscat to find the locals doing everyday job such as driving a taxi (although my young driver, male of course) had to stop the vehicle to pull the proper white robe over his T-shirt and shorts. A day or two is enough for Muscat; my friends who know the area like to motor through the countryside to smaller places with resort-style accommodations.
Oman's history is built around its position as a key shipping port on the Indian Ocean. The central harbour of Muscat makes a nice stroll, with its own souk. I don't know whether the commercial shipping harbour outside the city has tours.

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Been there for a week for a short job at the Muscat opera. It is a nice place, Omani are fairly tolerant and Sultan Qabus has made a nice job of modernizing the country retaining some traditional feel. The suq makes for an entertaining few hours (nothing exceptional) and some colleagues loved the desert excursions. Not much more to do, anyway. Also, Omani are tolerant but you are still in a Muslim country so behave respectfully.