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OK New Yorkers - your best breakfast places?

I am looking for a really good place for Sunday breakfast (not brunch) - it doesn't need to be fancy just good food without loads of tourists. We are staying in the Theater District and are walking the Highline Sunday then going to Chelsea Market - but we can go anywhere - I have no problem navigating the city's transportation system. Thanks!

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Check Chowhound New York. Or, better yet, you can ask the question on the New York site. Chowhounds have always given me great food advice.

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If you're looking for a basic diner-style breakfast, I'm fond of Renaissance Restaurant, 776 9th Ave (between 51st and 52nd Street, on the east side of the street). Any place on Ninth Avenue will have more locals than tourists; it's worth the walk to there from places closer to Times Square, where the reverse is true.

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We have got to where we stay in brownstones in the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn when we visit The Apple. Within 3 subway stops, we're in Manhattan. And the room prices are so much cheaper over there.

There is a place 3 blocks across from the Brooklyn Art Museum called Tom's that's only open for breakfast. And they have people lined down the block during peak a.m. hours. I have to admit that it was excellent.

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Thanks Harold - that's exactly what I was looking for - Sunday morning are busy enough without having to fight the crowds of tourists.