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O Canada!

Sending friendly greetings to all our neighbors to the North on your national holiday. You have much to celebrate in your beautiful country.

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Alaska Airlines having a special 25% of flights to Canada. Book now, fly in September or October. Airline site has details.

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"So good wishes to our colonial chums."

Many cities across the country are NOT celebrating Canada Day, in it's previous state, because it's now viewed as a colonial holiday and not an inclusive holiday - so keep those flags furled.

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Thank you all for your good wishes. So glad for being good neighbours.
Same to you and July 4th.

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because it's now viewed as a colonial holiday and not an inclusive holiday

What's the difference?

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I'm not making any point, just providing a link to what's happening this July 1st, in Oh, Canada !

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@Nick, it was Dominion Day until 1982, since 1983 the holiday has been called Canada Day.

Our flag is out, as our PM said today “Canada has never been perfect”.

I am grateful and lucky to live here. My parents were refugees from Ukraine after WWII, and if it wasn’t for their courage in leaving their home, making a very difficult trek across Europe, spending time in a DP camp in Germany and coming to Canada with 2 small suitcases, I wouldn’t be writing this today.

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Best damn neighbor one could ever dream of having. Canada, thanks for being Canada.

The True North strong and free. We stand on guard for thee, too.

With much love and respect, signed...Your Annoying Neighbor (who could sure stand to learn a thing or two from your good examples, imperfect as we all may be).

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No country is perfect, how could it be.
However, we can still celebrate our countries on their national days.
Thanks for the good wishes!
Happy Canada Day.

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Thank you Lola. Every day is a good day to celebrate Canada.

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What everybody else has already said. Happy Canada Day to all our wonderful neighbors to the north. I can't wait for our next vacation there -- British Columbia next year!

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Since we lived 5 years in British Columbia during my formative elementary school years, I actually know O Canada, National Anthem better than the USA one. Shhh, don’t tell.

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A beaver tail in every pot, your stick on the ice, and a canoe paddle in your hand. I married one.

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Well a bit of rain here, but we still managed to get out on my sister's lake.

Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada day to all our Canadian Forum friends.

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"so keep those flags furled." My neighbours and me flew our flags. We flew them high and the right way up. Jesus.

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There seemed to be lots of Canada Day celebrations across the county, including in Ottawa and here in the Okanagan. People are so pleased to be able to celebrate again, after being locked down for the last two years.

Unfortunately there wasn't any money for fireworks here this year..... better luck next year.