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Nova Scotia

Spending a week in airbnb in Maragee Forks NS> Looking for suggestions for MUSIC, food, side trps. Thanks!!

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Side trips...

Whale watching.

Fortress Louisbourg. Sydney and the waterfront (disclaimer...I haven’t been to, maybe ever, but I hear the waterfront is nice).

Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck.

There are lots of hiking trails (disclaimer...I haven’t hiked any of them, but bring your bug spray because the black flies are horrid in summer).

If you want to get off the island, antigonish is a nice university town (tho it’ll be quiet in the summer...not sure when you’re going). If you’re into stuff like historical recreations/villages (a la Louisbourg) you could venture further afield to Sherbrooke Village (disclaimer...I visited probably 20 yrs ago now).

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A long time ago Antigonish University was the location of a summer Scottish games...which means music. Depending on when you are going, and what kind of music, the Nova Scotia or Cape Breton website should have calidiedhs (I can never spell it) and highland games listed.
Almost 4 decades ago we stayed in a B&B in the area. We happened to have run into a friend so went to his family house for a house party.....80-100 ppeople, 1 toilet, tons of pot but oh, the music. The pot drove me out early and when we arrived back to the B&B it was to find we had just missed an evening of 'spoon' music. It might be where you least expect it.