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Not For Everyone, BUT

I just returned from a wellness resort called Rancho La Puerta, located in Tecate, Mexico and it was just what the doctor ordered. I believe that mental health is as important as your physical health and this resort was definitely needed. I stayed for 7 nights and flew into San Diego where I was picked up by the ranch. A negative covid test was necessary and temperature checks at the ranch were done daily.
The grounds, spa, food and fitness classes were excellent and the weather fantastic! It gets Travel & Leisure’s best destination spa in the world.
If you desperately need to get away, go for it!

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Tammy, that sounds wonderful! Frankly I'd just like to go somewhere where there is sunshine. I'm not sure if this winter is just grayer than usual or if it's the whole combo of winter/Covid/political unrest that is making it worse than usual.

Glad you had fun!

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Pam, so sorry, but I feel the same way. You will laugh at this. We often have the sunshine-it's just that it's too cold for me to enjoy outside walks when it's less than 50 degrees.

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Hahaha...yes, I am laughing at that! I won't usually go for a walk when it's below 20 or if it's really windy so the wind chill is low. Got up to 41 this week and it felt like spring. I was not going to wear my base layer bottoms out to walk and my brother sent me back to put them on saying I was crazy and would regret it. He was right darn it!

In normal times I've gone to AZ or FL for a few weeks this time of's not that I have full-blown SAD but it does feel awesome to have that bright southern sunlight and blue skies!

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Tammy, this trip sounds absolutely relaxing and I am happy for you to be able to venture out. My daughter and I just came back from the open/farmers market in Ballard with bouquets of pretty tulips to brighten up the gloom. Travel is just around the corner, I feel it in my bones.


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Sounds great Tammy!
So happy for you that you got to take this much needed break!

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diveloonie aka Tammy glad you got out. No beating the advantages of good mental health.