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Northern New Zealand and Australia in Early April

Will be traveling to Auckland, Rotorua, Melbourne, and Sydney in early April. I know it is the start of fall. However, what can the weather be compared to at that time of year? It appears to be in the low 70's or high 60's but says high humidity. Is that humidity like Florida humidity in the summer? Trying to figure out what type of clothes to bring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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Low 70's to mid 60's as afternoon highs look about right. The north island of NZ is tropical, and could be a little wet, but you won't experience humidity remotely comparable to Florida. Likewise Sydney and Melbourne.
The usual advice is to bring layers, plan for a few rainy days, and go for it.

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Layers were going to happen. Trying to decide if I should bring a light fleece as well for at night

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You'll be seeing overnight lows in the mid 50's that time of year, so a lightweight fleece might be a good idea.
We just returned from a month on the south island and used ours nearly every evening.

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You will need at least a mid weight sweater that can be beefed up with a light waterproof if you have rain or wind.
Sydney will be very pleasant.
Melbourne and NZ more luck of the draw.

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If you are visiting the larger cities, you can always buy clothes that you 'may' need.
we have had a very warm ( hot) very dry summer. today it will be over 100F (Sydney) , which is a bit unseasonal. the days and nights are generally just starting to get a little cooler but are still very nice approx 70-75F.
Australia is an 'air con' country. so if it gets too hot or humid, you should be OK.
April is generally one of the best months of the year for pleasant weather.
Hope this helps.