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No exit stamp for Argentina - problem?

Hi all,
I just arrived in Montevideo and am worried about something. I took the Buquebus from Buenos Aires this morning. Immigration control was an absolute shambles. I have no idea what was going on but the line I joined moved incredibly slowly - I entered the Migraciones area at around 7.45am and I was still standing in line at 8.45am, with the boat leaving at 9! The booth I was queuing for suddenly closed and we were directed to stand in line for another window, at which point there was basically a revolt and passengers started yelling and screaming that this was a disgrace and we were all going to miss the boat - the booth which had just closed suddenly reopened and I was pushed towards the window, I handed over my passport and confirmed with an officer behind me that I was on the next boat. I turned around to see my passport being stamped and it was then closed and handed back to me and I was instructed to run to catch the boat.

Well, once on board, I opened my passport and discovered that I had no exit stamp for Argentina. Any other time I would have checked immediately, but all I was worried about was catching the boat and I didn't think the Uruguayan officer would stamp my passport in without the Argentinian officer stamping me out but that's what happened. I asked staff on board the boat and they told me not to worry and that the Uruguay entry stamp acts as an exit stamp, but I absolutely hate feeling like something is wrong with my documents. Is this true? Do I need to worry or not? Thanks....

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I have absolutely no idea about South America but if I had that sort of stamp in Europe I wouldn't worry about it.

But I completely understand your angst and worry. It was an unreasonable situation and you shouldn't have been in it. Horrible now but may provide a story for years after you get home.

Any reasonable person would conclude that if you entered one country you were no longer in the previous one.

I am not an immigration officer, never have been, and don't play one on TV so my advice is probably worth what you paid for it.

Hope it all works out for you....

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Again, it's unrealated to SA and of NO value to the OP's situation.

I entered Europe, through Rome, and the Passport Control person refused to provide an entry stamp in my Passport - move along kid, nothing to see here.

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Many countries now don't even provide stamps with passport scanners now. My first passport had stamps of all the countries I visited. My last one only had a few. I do miss the stamps though.

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I wouldn’t be concerned especially since Uruguay stamped you as entering. It’s not uncommon for people to take a ferry over to La Colonia, Uruguay from Buenos Aires for day trips. Since you saw the migración person stamp your passport, out of curiosity, what type stamp was it? On my trip to BA in 2016 we did receive an exit stamp at the airport. No idea how it works now. I’ve never had anybody look for an exit stamp.

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Having gone to Paraguay in April and planning a return to Paraguay in March 2023 (including to Argentina & Brazil for the Iguazu Falls!), I've been doing a bit of research on the passport control issues. Paraguay often likes to hit you up for some additional fee. They claimed they issued me just a 10-day visit when it was always scheduled for 14. So as I tried to fly out of Silvio Pettirossi Intl Airport the passport control officer suddenly wants Guarani 265,000. I said, "I don't have any local currency, since I'm leaving." He says, "No problem, we will collect it when you return."

A trip planner I've been working with mentioned that at the Tri-Border area you can get all sorts of actions when you cross from Paraguay to Brazil to Argentina and back. Up to the passport people working and the day. BUT as she said, the worst she's seen is that someone then just tries to "fine" you for not having the right stamp, either exit or entry, for the right country.

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are in the Mercorsur "union", so I think passport-related activity can get sloppy depending upon how and where you travel.