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Nashville - Bourbon tours

I am trying to decide if a group of 8 of us are better off taking one of the pre-packaged tours around the countryside to visit the bourbon distilleries or to rent a limo and basically get them to do the same, but on our schedule. Limo Pros - possibly go more places, leave when we want... Limo Cons - no running commentary (just a driver), we may try to do too much.
We are debating the need to take in the Jack Daniels distillery. Iconic place for sure, but very touristy and not personal.
Has anyone been on one of these? Thoughts?

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I've had to spend @ 6 weeks in and around Louisville over the past couple years. I've never taken a tour, but have visited a number of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. If you don't have a designated driver, and you're planning on hitting several in a row, a limo may be best. Be advised that most places will limit you to two tastings/samples. You should also know that, in my experience, the food offerings tend to be sub-par, so plan on making a stop along the way.

Jack Daniels is an Icon, and it's pretty, but they also have the biggest assortment and gift shop if you're so inclined. Not a bad tour though. Jim Beam is pretty close though.

My recommendation is to select an area with several places close and do that in an afternoon. Bardstown is a good place.

I'm not a big bourbon fan, but I do like Angel's Envy Rye, and there are 5-6 places in a 10 mile radius from that house.

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At the risk of being a pedantic purist I will say that although Jack Daniels starts out as bourbon they add an additional filtering stage which makes it something other than true bourbon. And as I climb higher on my high horse I will add that the Bourbon Trail is in Kentucky, not Tennessee.

There, I'm done. I'm sure you will have a great time in Nashville and taste some fine whiskeys and bourbons. I do happen to like Jack Daniels but I like Kentucky bourbon better. PM me If you end up in Kentucky and would like the name of some distilleries to tour. On a final note, most rye whiskey is made from Canadian rye. Maybe even Alberta rye. :-D

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Dear OP --

As others have pointed out, the bourbon trail is up in Kentucky. To reach it from Nashville, you will need to rent a car, book a tour or hire a driver. Jack Daniels & Jim Beam are located in Tennessee but not right next to Nashville. You will need to arrange transportation in some form again if you want to visit them.

There are wineries in the middle Tennessee area. Again, they are not located in Nashville but are within driving distance.

If your options are between a tour and a driver, I'd pick the option which works best for you cost wise as well as comfort wise. Please note that many drivers will offer commentary of the local scenery as well.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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If you do make it out to Lynchburg where the Jack Daniel's Distillery is, make reservations for Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House close by. It was a lot of fun and very homey, and a great way to sample Southern food served family style in communal tables (the desserts were delicious!). I rented a car and drove out there with a friend from Nashville, the countryside was beautiful.

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I’m a native Kentuckian. If it’s bourbon you want, then I suggest focusing on KY and centering your travels around Bardstown, Frankfort, the Lexington Bluegrass, and Louisville. Maybe you confused Louisville with Nashville?

I can’t comment on the limo vs. not, but good luck with your planning!