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Mt Carmel area of Israel

I will be in Israel in May for 25 days: 14 days with a large tour company, 6 days with a much smaller tour company, then 5 days independently. I am staying 4 out of those 5 nights in Tel Aviv and would like to see the Mt Carmel area from there. I would like to see anything associated with Our Lady of Mt Carmel, and the site where Elijah as assumed into heaven. Also anything else of spiritual and cultural significance in that area. Could this be done easily with public transportation? Are there any not-to-miss sites in that area? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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The Cave of Elijah is at the base of the mountain, near the cable car.

At the foot of Mount Carmel is the German colony.

Visible from miles all around is the beautiful gold dome of the Shrine of the Báb, part of the world centre of the Bahá'í Faith. People travel from long distances to see the world famous and perfectly kept Bahá'í Gardens surrounding the Shrine. The Gardens are a very beautiful and highly spiritual place. The terraces, with running water, rise up the side of the mountain from the German Colony to the Shrine of the Báb and upwards to the top of the mountain.

The Carmelite monastery is near the top of the mountain.

Haifa is one place in Israel where the Jewish, Arab, and Bahá'í communities have traditionally had good relations and work together well.

There is a train service between Tel Aviv and Haifa or you can use a bus or sherut. There is excellent public transportation within Haife, the Carmelit subway, the guided buses, the Egged buses and sheruts.

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Wow, Nigel, great info. There's one caveat for public transportation. Trains and intercity buses do not run on Shabbat. Service stops a few hours before sunset on Friday and resumes a few hours after sunset on Saturday. May 30-31 is a holiday and service would stop on the 30th and resume on the 31st similarly.