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Morocco to Spain

My daughter and I are traveling in Morocco and Spain/France in December. Is it possible to get from Chefchaouen to Cordoba in one day? I have looked at various bus/ferry/train timetables and can't quite piece it all together. We are willing to take a "souk" bus (that's what Peace Corps Volunteers call the local bus -- not sure that is an official name) from Chefchaouen to get a morning departure time. It's also rather unclear as to the best port for departure and entry for the ferry -- there are so many options. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Ryan Air flies from Marrakesh to Seville. Seville is less than an hour by train from Cordoba. I don't know if there's a direct connection between Cordoba and the airport. If you're going to be in Marrakesh, maybe you could rearrange your itinerary.

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Sallam 'lekum Jan.

Checfchaouen to Córdoba...what a wonderful journey through the two Andalucías (Spanish and Moroccan).

Other than flying from Tangier, Rabat or Casablanca, your transport options are the three ferry ports accessible from Chefchaouen - Tanger Ville, Tanger-Med and Ceuta. Tanger Ville is the 'old' port located in Tangier, and the only ferry route from here is across to Tarifa, Spain. It takes place on a 'fast ferry' (catamaran) and while the actual crossing is indeed 'fast' (around 40 minutes), it still takes some time to do all the departure/arrival formalities. Tanger-Med is the 'new' port located on the coastal road between Tangier and Ceuta. A vast number of passenger-vehicle ferries ply the route daily between Tanger-Med and the Spanish port of Algeciras. The crossing takes up to two hours plus some extra time to do all the immigration formalities. The Spanish enclave of Ceuta also offers quite a number of daily ferries traveling to Algeciras, however I don't recommend this as an option for you due to the potential hassle you may encounter (it's a very busy land border crossing) as well as the length of time it can take to cross from Morocco and then continue your journey from the the border to Ceuta's port.

To travel between Chefchaouen and either the city of Tangier (for Tanger Ville port) or Tanger-Med, you have a choice of bus or grand taxi, with the latter offering a slightly quicker journey and more departures through the day. These services travel either direct from Chefchaouen to Tangier bus station, or via Tetouan. From Tangier bus station, you can catch a petit taxi to Tangier Ville port, or a grand taxi or local bus to Tanger-Med port. Tanger-Med is also accessible from Tangier Morora train station (Tangier Ville train station is currently closed due to track maintenance), though there is only a couple of services each day. There are no direct public transport services between Chefchaouen and Tanger-Med. If you want total peace of mind (which you may require if you are going to attempt to reach Córdoba in one day), I recommend chartering a grand taxi (i.e. you hire the whole vehicle rather than just paying for one seat) or booking a private vehicle & driver to take you direct to whichever port you decide upon. Both of these options should be able to be pre-organized by your accommodation in Chefchaouen.

As for traveling in Spain, I'm afraid I will have to leave it up to you to look further into transport options between Tarifa or Algeciras and Córdoba.

Happy travels,
Darren Humphrys