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MOROCCO - small town

I am an older woman who travels alone.
Looking for recommendation of a small town in Morocco where I can stay safely for 5 days, hiking, drawing, and perhaps meeting locals.

Chefchaouen was the first place name that caught my attention; but I have since read that Chefchaouen has a lot of tourists and drug enthusiasts - I don't disapprove; but that's not my style.

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Essaouira and Taroudant were both lovely small towns when I visited over 20 years ago. Essaouira is a port town, known for its fishing, wood carving and visits in the past by Western hippies and musicians, like Jimmy Hendrix. Taurodant was more traditional, and I must say my girl friend, who happened to be blond, did not feel comfortable exploring the town when she was not accompanied by me.