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Morocco recently

Can anyone who has been to Morocco recently tell us what it was like? We (two women) are looking to book a tour there with Intrepid Travel for December, but we are worried that with the current state of world affairs it might not be the most tourist friendly time to go. We have heard there there is animosity towards Americans in much of Southern Europe and Northern Africa right now. Has anyone experienced this? We are seasoned travelers and do our best to fit into local cultures, but it is pretty clear that we are from the USA.


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I don't see any evidence for your comments, which are very broad. I'm not sure how it would be clear that you're from the US unless you self-identify somehow, but that's another issue. If everyone acted on what they heard from someone (was is even a valid source?) or was worried about the "current state of world affairs", then no one would be traveling anywhere out of fear and uncertainty.

You have to keep in mind that you will be on a tour, not traveling independently. So you'll be in a bubble of sorts to begin with, protected from all sorts of potential uncomfortable situations by your guide. My parents went to Morocco a few years ago and loved it, they too were on a tour and on their own for at least a few days. Check other forums (TripAdvisor, etc.) if you want more up-to-date impressions and reviews straight from Intrepid may not see a lot of comments here.

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We were there last October and did not experience any anti -American sentiment. We never felt anything but welcomed and safe. If you're on a tour you would not have to worry as you wouldn't be dealing direcrly with many locals, except perhaps in bazaars. We loved the Moroccan food.
The main hazard is motor scooters and motor cycles whizzing right past you in the lanes in the souks. . The French colonial influence was very obvious with French still used on advertisements and billboards. Relax and enjoy your trip.

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Nicole, I went to Morocco in 2014 and had zero sense of any issue with us being Americans. Granted that was three years ago and may not be recent enough for your purposes.
Do you know that the Moroccan/US relationship is one of our oldest and strongest? The US and Morocco signed a treaty in 1787, which is still in force making it the longest lasting unbroken treaty relationship the US has. That's right longer than any treaty with Britain or France, America's ally during the Revolution. Morocco is a major non-NATO ally. I write this to stress the depth of the relationship and to point out that just because it is a Muslim country does not mean that it is anti-American. Don't believe the hype.

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The best source of reliable, up-to-date information will be the U.S. State Department - (especially the Safety & Security section). The Canadian government website states "Exercise a high degree of caution" and "Avoid all travel to the Border Regions of the Western Sahara".

Be sure to have a look at the "Vaccinations" section on the government website also. One website I checked states that "Leishmaniasis is endemic in Morocco" so robust insect repellents would probably be a good idea.

This is another pertinent warning on the government website.....

"Women Travelers: Women walking alone in certain areas of cities and rural areas are particularly vulnerable to assault by men. They should exercise caution when in public spaces, including nightclubs or other social establishments. Women are advised to travel with a companion or in a group when possible and to ignore any harassment. See our tips for Women Travelers."