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Morocco - Ramadan/tour guide


We are going to Tangier, Morocco for a day in July during Ramadan. We are concerned about finding restaurants which are both safe to eat at and open during this time. We especially wanted to try Le Saveur de Poisson, but believe it will be closed. Does anyone know?

Also, we contacted Aziz Begdouri several times, and he did agree to be our guide, and said he would write back again that night. We received nothing. I have read disappointing accounts of tours with him. I am nervous about going to Morocco on our own, but at this point, may just go solo. Advice?

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Tangier is a tourist town. Nothing happens during Ramadan that you'd notice except that banks and offices jiggle their hours a bit and some shop might close a tad earlier so people can get home for the evening sunset meal - - but you'd probably be back on the ferry by then. All the tourist places are generally open and going full steam for most of the day and you can still buy beer.

I don't know about your restaurant, but if it caters to tourists it'll probably be open. Any place that serves food, including the stalls in the souks, is safe to eat.

The simple answer to the guide business: you don't need one. Everything settles down once you get a hundred yards from the ferry.

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If you go without a guide, you can still pick one up locally, or pay a child to guide you between two spots in the medina. If you hire Aziz, phone calls may sometimes take his mind off-track, but I encourage you to ask all the questions you want to keep him focused on your interests. Le Saveur de Poisson is likely to be closed, and their lunch was lovely, but you definitely will find something available. Don't worry about going "off-book" and eating what you find. Casual holes in the wall where you can see food coming right out of the fryer or off the grill are safe bets. Market stalls also sell picnic items like olives, cheese, pastries, bread, beverages.