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Morocco in July

I have the opportunity to go to Morocco in July with a tour group. Has anyone ever been at that time that could tell me if the heat would be too awful? How conservative should women dress as well? Thanks!

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I was in Morocco too long ago to advise on dress, but much of the country can be miserably hot during the summer. I believe it was a June day that hit 113F while I was in Marrakech (inadequate research on my part). And this was more than 20 years ago, before climate change was a subject of discussion.

There are some areas that are cooler, so it depends to some degree on exactly where you would go in Morocco.

The Wikipedia pages of major cities usually have weather-summary charts. They're a good first step toward deciding whether your prospective timing makes sense. Here's Marrakech, and here's Fes. Those are two of the tourist highlights, and I would not go in mid-summer.

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I went to Morocco in August of 2014 -- not July but I figure it is just as hot in August or hotter. Fair warning though, I like warm weather. I found it to be quite hot but I was not exactly digging ditches while I was there so it was fine. We did two things usually per day and did not walk around during the hottest part of the day. I mostly wore my regular clothes that I wear at home without any problem but I do not wear shorts or minis at home. I do wear sleeveless and tank tops at home and I did not wear those while out and about -- just regular short sleeved t-shirts and blouses.

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I was in country last fall, I can say that the coolest part of the country will be near the northern coast - Tangier, Tetuoan, even Fez, and I can imagine that holds true in the summer as well. The nice thing about the way women dress there is that they can stay modest and cool, since the material they use tends to breath really well. Those scarves can double as protection from the sun. And the souks and old medinas are built in ways that keep the sun out, with narrow allies and shades overhead.

All that being said, make sure to invest a good water bottle! You'll want to keep one on you when out and about.

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We were in Morocco in March of this year, so I can't advise on the weather in July. (We saw heat at one end and sleet up in the mountains.)

As far as dress goes, I'll share my observation. Somebody else may have a totally different experience and POV. I saw few adult women who were not tourists dressed in western style apparel. One of the major exceptions was in the hotels which cater to tourists. I dressed just like I do at home - jeans & capris. I do not feel comfortable in bare shoulders, so that's never an issue for me. I always have some kind of short sleeve.

I did not feel out of place with what I was wearing, but I did have issues trying to find western style clothing that would fit me when my suitcase went missing through the airline.

Long story short - and again, this is just me - I wouldn't wear anything too short or too revealing unless you're at the pool or something similar. But I didn't feel out of place wearing what I did. I'm sure you can always contact your tour group and ask for specifics about any locations you might be visiting.

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Fes is not cool, summer-temp-wise. My experience in June, also 20 years ago, was temps of 100 F for many days in a row. Short sleeves (not tank tops) and long skirts or capri pants (not shorts) would be a good idea. I did wear shorts, but can't advise it in public. Everyone already has license to stare at you and approach you, without that added "incentive." Long, cool linen may be more comfortable, even if it gets wrinkled.