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Morocco in july

Hello all, I've been thinking about doing a two- week trip to Morocco early next July. It will be a family trip and I am worried about the weather being too hot. Any feedback will be appreciated, and thank you all in advance. By the way, I can only find time to go in July.

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You can bank on extreme heat in some parts of the country. I think I visited in June, and there was a 110+F day in Marrakech.

I went to five city pages on Wikipedia to check average high temperatures for July, and Rabat was the lowest at a comparatively comfortable 80.2F. Meknes came in at 91F. Marrakech, Fes, and Ourzazate were all in the upper 90s to 100.

Honestly, if there's a possibility that you could travel during a cooler period in a future year, I'd hold off on Morocco. I'm extremely heat-tolerant, I think, and I'd be willing to wait a few years to see Morocco under better conditions. If, on the other hand, there's a teacher in your group who is stuck with a summer vacation, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's pretty draining to go through day after day of 90-degree heat.

If you want to see how bad it can get (probably a good idea before proceeding), go to and look at the day-by-day actual data for recent years in Fes.

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When I was in Fes during one June, the temperature was near 40 C (over 100 F) for many days. Consequently, I spent July in Portugal and northern Spain, where it was much cooler. The mountains can give you a break, or coastal Essaouira is known for strong winds that would help with the temp. But I can't really recommend this timing.

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It will be extremely hot, so if you just want to go somewhere to sit by a pool in the shade, OK, but for me, it would be far too hot for any exploring.