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Does anyone know a tour guide that’s reputable in Marrakesh And one in Fez (doesn’t have to be the same. But in need of someone to give specific advice on those Moroccan cities

Tours By All you need to do is enter the place you are going and you will get a list of local guides with all their credentials. We have used them all over the world with great success.

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We just returned from a trip to southern Spain that included a day trip to Tangiers. We contacted two of the guides in Rick Steves' books, one never returned our website inquiry. The first one in Rick's guidebook responded quickly and we set up a tour. We told them from the initial inquiry and reiterated to the guide that met us that we wanted to learn about the history and culture of Tangiers.

The first half of the tour was great, but I think the second half of the tour they expected to take us shopping at the overpriced "handmade" shops in Tangiers. When we quickly exited the first shop (who promised us they were giving us the history of rug making) and reiterated that we weren't interested, the guide left us at a cafe for the next two hours until it was time to go back to the ferry.

If I did it again, I don't think I'd use a Rick Steves recommended guide but would find someone on Google or Trip Advisor who has recent reviews. Just our experience from January 2023.

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We are going to Morocco at the end of October for a tour of 13 days (Wandering Earl Tours) staring in Casablanca. We would like to arrive 2 or 3 days early to get over jet lag. Is there a way to get to southern Spain, take the boat over to Morocco and then make our way to Casablanca? Does anyone have advice about 1) how to do this or 2) who to contact who could help us with arrangements?


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We’re traveling `Spain to Casablanca and starting a tour as well. Trying to find the same answer. So far it looks like flights from Malaga. Not too $$.