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What is the best currency to use in Morocco? What is the weather like in mid April - early May in Morocco as I am going on a bus tour

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Also, new, crisp, $1 and $5 bills are gladly accepted--nothing bigger. When we went (pre-Covid), that's what the tour company suggested.

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I was on a 2-week tour and I think I used local currency and credit card all the time. Tipping locals was handled for the group by the tour guide (and included in the tour price - just like RS tours). I had a no-fee ATM card so I just pulled money out as needed. Most of the others changed money at the airport when we landed.

Here's the daily weather in Marrakech in May last year. You can look back about 10 years for most cities for each month.

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People accepted dirham or euro. It’s roughly 10 dirham = 1 dollar.