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Montreal La Ronde Fireworks


We are visiting Montreal next month with 3 adults and 5 pre-teens... We are going to La Ronde on July 8 and staying for the fireworks show. We have a home exchange in Lachine and trying to find the best way to get there...

We could drive as I see they have parking - but not sure how difficult it is to get there, or to get out... and if that is a good option. We will probably go pretty early, I think they open at 11 so I am guessing we would be there for that.

We can take metro/bus... but getting home at that time of night might be tough, plus tired kids, and looks like at least 1:15 to get home... getting there I am ok if it takes awhile...

Or we can take the metro off the island and then find a cab? We need two though, 8 people....

I think I would prefer to drive, just not sure how much of a nightmare that is.

Or secret 4th option maybe you know about??


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Hi, Kim

We went to the fireworks in 2009. They are amazing. Getting there is not a problem. But afterwards, it is mobbed. Although the Canadians are very polite. I was really impressed by their behavior.
We asked for a cab at the customer service counter and was told a cab can't get over because the bridge is closed for the fireworks.

You can catch the bus to the metro but that is what everyone is doing. Everyone is very patient about it but it will take a long time. This is what we did.
The amusement park is still open. A possible option might be to sit out the crowd for awhile at the park then drive home. I'm not sure how that would go. Maybe someone else can comment on this option.
Have fun.

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We went last year and had a similar experience. The bridge is closed for the fireworks and so you are waiting (patiently :)) on line for a bus to take you to the metro station in Montreal itself.(not on the island). I noticed the people who drove also were waiting in traffic.
The Metro on the island is not that close to the amusement park. Also, depending on when you go, there may be other events in the park that limit how easy it is to use the metro station in park.
that said - it was amazing show and well worth it.
We went in the park for one night of fireworks, but watched from downtown one other night. Just be certain to look at a map and go down to where the park is. We were told we could watch from the Old town, but am glad we walked down past the bridge so we were directly opposite where the park is. there were a fair amount of very orderly people there ( it's canada LOL). it was great. We are big fireworks fans- so thats why we went.

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Just in case anyone ever comes back and searches this... we went and spent the whole day at La Ronde. The fireworks were beyond incredible. Like nothing I have ever seen! And I am not even a big fireworks fan.

We ended up taking the metro and it was no problem. We actually walked from La Ronde to the station since the shuttle buses were taking forever - so much traffic. Lots of people were walking. A little sketchy that late at night at the stations, but they had tons of police around keeping everyone in order.

Actually we ended up driving from Lachine each day to Terminus Angrinon and taking the metro in. Worked perfectly!