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Montreal for fireworks competition

Any suggestions on where to stay that would be convenient to get to the Fireworks Competiton. If we stay in Old Montreal, how easy is it to get to the ticketed areas?thanks

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Hi, Diane

I've been to the Fireworks Competition. You'll love it. An experience of a lifetime. Well worth it.

It really doesn't matter where you stay, just take a taxi to La Ronda. Old Montreal is fine. That's where we stayed. Just note your nearest subway stop to come home.

It is crazy crowded at the end. Taxis will not be able to come over. The road is closed for the fireworks. Take the bus like everyone else and go to the subway. The people are very polite and patient. There is no pushing and shoving. I was amazed that it was so civilized. But it did take over an hour. I went to the bathroom first before leaving the park.

You can get thru the turnstile faster if you have pre-paid subway tickets. But you can also just buy the tickets from the cashier.

Or you could wait a bit until the crowd thins out. Stay awhile and explore the rest of the park.

Have a good time. Enjoy.

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Any restaurant recommendations in Old Montreal with fireworks view you could recommend?