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Mexico phones

What's the cheapest way to get phone service in Mexico? My phone is no longer supported by Verizon in Mexico. I don't want to buy a smartphone. Should I buy a cheap descardable GSM phone in the United States? If so what do you suggest? Or should I buy a descardable phone from one of the Mexican telephone service providers? Thanks so much.

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You will probably find a pay as you go phone cheaper there than buying one here. The other advantage to getting it there is that they will set it up for you and you will know it works. If you buy a phone here you won't know until you put a SIM card in it there (unless you buy phone and SIM from a travel firm such as Eurobuzz - but their per minute rates are much higher).

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Thank you so much for your response. Is there more than one telephone service provider in Mexico? If so, do you know which one would have better coverage? I plan to visit some small agricultural towns outside of Mexico City and need to be able to call from those locations. I'd like to buy a phone and minutes from the provider that has the best coverage if possible.
Again, thanks so much for your help!

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Mexican cell phone operator América Móvil. is the fourth largest in the world, you won't have problems communicating south of the border.