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Mexico - food tours

Can anyone recommend a good tour company for Mexico - and specifically a food-oriented tour? We are interested in Oaxaca mostly. Thanks!

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In 2019, we booked a street food tour in Mexico City with Club Tengo Hambre ( We had a fantastic guide, were joined by a lovely group of fellow tour goers, and were so happy with all the places she took us. We definitely got to experience things we wouldn't have found on our own. They offer a tour in Oaxaca too, so they're definitely worth checking out!

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Hi Donna, I can’t give a personal recommendation, but if you can watch Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, he has a episode on Oaxaca and there is a food guide on there that perhaps you could contact. Please report back as we want to travel to Mexico and a food tour is appealing to us as well.

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You might want to take a look at the TripAdvisor Things To Do pull-down menu. it usually has a pretty comprehensive listing of specialty tour providers for any location. Would think that entering Oaxaca (or any other place you're interested in) would turn up a number of providers.

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Culinary Backstreets does a tour in Oaxaca. I haven't done it, but I've done other food tours with Culinary Backstreets, and they are fabulous.

Diveloonie recommended Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. Another show you might look at is Searching for Mexico on CNN Sunday nights. This past Sunday she did a show on Oaxaca. It was very good. You might be able to get it on demand, or check for when they will air it again.

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Thanks everyone. yep, Somebody feed Phil is part of the catalyst. But we are looking for a multiday tour not a day tour but I will check the recommendations.

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Take a look at Vallarta Food Tours. A relative owns it (full disclosure) , but we did it several years back and really enjoyed it, even if it wasn't family;) You can check the reviews etc on TripAdvisor. I know this isn't for Oaxaca, but if you are in the PV area I highly recommend it.