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Mexico City - What to do in Centro Historico after dark?


My family of six adults (3 couples; ages 30-60) currently has a hotel booked a couple of blocks away from the Zocalo in the Centro Historico. This will be our first time in Mexico, and Mexico City, and we are only going to be visiting for 3 nights and 2 full days. Our stay will take place over a Friday-Monday in February. We thought it would be good to stay in the center near the many attractions, but I have read that it gets very quiet there at night. Is there anything to do? Cafes, ice cream shops, pleasant streets to stroll? I know some of the other neighborhoods (like Roma and Condesa) offer this, but I wanted to get a feel for what our evenings will be like if we wind up staying in the Historic Center. Thank you!

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How late are you looking for? IME there's plenty of things going on in the early evening. Later at night? Less, but it's not like the whole places rolls up and shuts down at dusk.

Personally, I did not find any lack of activity into the evening, but I'm not one to stay up late and rave. Of course, depends on what you're looking for and when. How late do you really want to be out?

Do be prepared for cool temps at night at that time of year - perhaps a lot colder than what many people expect for "Mexico" (a country that's nearly as large and diverse as the USA).

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Thanks for the reply. We could be out as late as 11pm, especially since we'll be on Chicago-time (which, Mexico City will hopefully be warmer than Chicago at least!). Hopefully there are at least things to do as late as 9pm-10pm. Otherwise we can always Uber over to Roma or Condesa, I suppose... It's only two nights.

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I was the for 8 nights 2 months ago
stayed in the same area

go to a soccer game (metro and bus) or luchre libra (metro) both were cheap tickets
lots of restaurants but I didn't find many that had music or bands in this area

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Just to add to David’s post, and you may be aware of this, but Mexico D.F. has a high altitude, 2,000 feet higher than Denver, 6,600 feet higher than Chicago. Generally, Elevation = Cooler temperatures. Have a great time!

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Mexico City has an average temperature of 75 F high/45 F low in February while Chicago averages 26F-36F (and is often much snowier and colder than that!), so it'll be an improvement in any case. ;)

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You could go to a performance at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. I went to see the Ballet Folklórico, and enjoyed it. Part of the appeal is just getting to see the inside of the building, and the Tiffany stained glass curtain on stage - apparently it's the only one of its kind.

You could also try a pulquería in the Centro Historico, Las Duelistas would be walkable. Some companies also do food walking tours in the evening. We did a tour with Eat Like A Local and loved that it was a smaller tour organization with a social mission - our guide was the founder of the organization. If you do go with them, pace yourself though - the owner feels strongly about making sure you get your "money's worth" and it is a LOT of food! You also go to several neighborhoods in the process.

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Uber is very cheap in Mexico City, so if you do want to head to Roma or the Condesa (which is where we stayed for 5 nights), go for it! They are both lively and good for evening strolls. We were there last March and the weather was very pleasant. I would not hesitate to go in February, just pack a sweater and/or lightweight jacket for evenings.

Edited to add: While we did not go to the Ballet Folklorico, I wish we had. I think it would be a great option.