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Mexico City

I will be spending a week in Mexico City the end of December. What are the sights I should be sure to see?

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If you are going to spend a week in Mexico City (or anywhere), it's really worthwhile to buy a guidebook and discover what are the sights you are interested in seeing. Mexico City has a lot of museums (I think it's in the top ten museum cities in the world). And there are just so many other things worth seeing and doing. No one but you can tell you what sights to visit. (Well, they can, but who's to say if they'll be right or wrong?)

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This thread could be useful:

Personally, I spent a week in Mexico City in 2018 (7 days or 8 days, can't remember) and I greatly enjoyed visiting the following places:

  • Museo Nacional de Antropología
  • Museo Frida Kahlo and the surrounding Coyoacán neighborhood. I also went to the Trotsky museum, but could have skipped it.
  • Casa Estudio Diego Rivera and the surrounding San Angel neighborhood
  • Strolling through Roma and Condesa, in the area between the entrance to Chapultepec park, Parque México and Plaza Luis Cabrera.
  • The whole historical center: Zócalo, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and lots of places in between
  • I did not have time for Chapultepec park/ castle
  • Side trips to archeological sights at Teotihuacan (quite touristy but amazing) and Xochicalco (harder to get to, but I was the only visitor there and the experience was surreal. At some point I just took a nap in the grass next to a pyramid. I also got to visit Cuernavaca along the way, which was interesting).

I felt that I could have spent a second week and not get bored.

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Thanks so much. I will definitely try to cover most of those suggestions.

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All of my suggestions are in the thread suggested by Balso. It's an amazing city, and you will not run out of things to see.

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Balso has a good list, and there's lots more depending on your energy and interests. The Catedral, Templo Mayor, and National Palace (with Rivera murals) are on the Zocalo. I found the Trotsky museum very interesting. There's a big Rivera mural near the Alameda in its own building. At Chapultepec Castle are more murals by Orozco and others. The Anthropological Museum could easily take a day. Check a guidebook out of your public library to help you make choices, then invest in the latest version to help you on the ground. (Lonely Planet would be my choice but you may prefer another.)

Try to learn a few common phrases, greetings, questions etc. in Spanish, and bring a pocket size phrasebook to help you communicate. Unless you already know enough Spanish, that is. Have fun planning this trip.