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Hi any suggestions for a mother / adult daughter trip to Marekkesh in July. Will only be there 4 days. Traveling from Lisbon
Thank you

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Marrakech is a beautiful and very interesting city. I suspect that in July it will be quite hot.
What exactly do you want to know? What are your interests? Budget?
One thought I had was that you might look at TripAdvisor. There are many single and multi-day tours listed and rated. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t find something to meet your desires.
On a cautionary note, my husband and I recently returned from a tour of Morocco. I remember thinking, more than once, that I was glad we hadn’t tried it on our own. We are very experienced at independent travel and even have some ability to speak and understand French. Nonetheless, I was very glad to have a professional, native Arabic speaker in charge. To be clear, I am not thinking of safety issues, so much as logistics, and efficient use of time.

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It will be hot in July.

We visited Morrocco in late March and it was hot then.

Personally, I would not want my wife and daughter traveling in Morocco on their own. OK if on a tour.

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I traveled independently to Morocco in the late 1980s or early 1990s with my mother. I'm female. I spoke no French. My mother had taken some French classes in either high school or college, over 45 years earlier, but naturally remembered none of it. We had a great time.

I don't know that it would be a good idea for a female to travel solo to the country, but then I haven't researched conditions there since that long-ago trip.

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My husband has been in Marakkesh for a week on a father/son trip and it has been 105 degrees F every day. They have adapted their schedule to having breakfast at their hotel (Riad Rose Du Desert, which he said is spartan but very clean,) then going out until noon, going back to their hotel to rest during the peak heat hours, then going back out after 5:00 to see more sights and find an evening meal. They also took a 2 day tour by camel (I never would've believed it if I had not seen photos) into the desert and he said it was magnificently beautiful but very uncomfortable. He did quite a bit of research before the tour regarding what to pack - long pants (do not show knees - this goes for both men and women,) short sleeved shirts (no shoulders exposed - more geared toward women than men,) and he was so pleased with himself for finding sunblock sleeves and a headscarf on Amazon that I didn't have the heart to laugh when he tried them on. They got used so all is good. I also have a girlfriend who went on the OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) tour of Morocco in January and she reiterated the same thing about dress - the tour pamphlet advised nothing shorter than a below the knee length skirt or capris and no tank tops - short sleeve t shirts are fine. I hope this helps and I hope you have a wonderful time!