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Lost golden city found in Egypt

Once again Egypt is in the news. The discovery of a 3,000 year old city that was lost to the sands of Egypt has been hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds since Tutankhamun's tomb. In addition to this article the TODAY Show featured the amazing story this morning. Another fascinating find.

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Exciting! Egypt has a lot of buried history. Those shifting sand dunes have covered up a wealth of archaeological wonders. It is interesting to go to places and see 19C graffitti 10 or 12 feet up the pillars - because that was sand height then.
Given that this is in the Valley of the Kings, it may become accessible to tourists. There are a number of excavations north of Luxor that would be interesting but as they aren't on a cruise route, further inland and not with good road infrastructure, they are largely desolate. There is a ship that occasionally advertised doing the cruise north from Luxor to see these, but it was never a convenient time...and I will admit, I am not as keen to repeat visit places. But part of me wants to see them.
I think Dr. Hawass likes to play out his finds when they can best get public attention and he can get the best credit....

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This just adds to the excitement of our upcoming visit. Maybe I will be lucky enough to find a shard of pottery from a few thousand years ago! There is just so much history in Egypt!

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What exciting news! We’re planning a trip to Egypt later this year. Hope to be able to see this treasure!

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That find is very exciting! We postponed our trip to Egypt until Nov 2022 as the highly anticipated 1 billion dollar Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza (GEM) is not opening until 2022. The GEM was supposed to open in June 2021 but because of very few tourists will not open. The GEM will have the entire Tut collection, along with priceless antiquities never seen before. It looks astounding and well worth the wait.